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De is the founder of Afternoon Coffee, and a lover of all things blog-related. Originally hailing from New York, De traded her Yankees hat for a Red Sox one and now resides in the Boston area with her boyfriend Connor. She is a lover of all things theatrical, and currently works as a director/choreographer, teacher, and performer. In addition to the stage, De feels at home in the kitchen, especially when there’s a vegetarian meal on the menu. Some of her favorite things include avocados, dark nail polish, koalas, cats, and dancing.

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There is a popular saying in the South that “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as quickly as I could.” In this case, that holds true. Originally from Iowa, Kate moved to Texas after graduating from college. Through out her 4 years in Houston, she has found her husband, Dan, their rescue dog, Nola, and a career in Personal Training.

Kate’s obsessions, some guilty, some not, include spending time with family and friends, baking all things chocolate,watching a healthy mix of College Football and ‘The Bachelor’, doing her best at DIY Pinterest projects, and baring it (almost) all through blogging, instagramming,  pinning, and tweeting.

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Victoria was born and raised in New York City, so by default she has a sophisticated palette for coffee, pizza, and bagels (pizza bagels too). Her career deported her to Los Angeles, where she currently works in entertainment.  When she’s not making television, she’s binging on Netflix, going on weird first dates, and dancing in her car.  She hopes to someday become a world renowned hip hop superstar or possibly a cheese and jam farmer. Victoria lives life to laugh, but the only time she cried was when she didn’t take an elevator five minutes sooner and thus missed her chance to meet Aziz Ansari.

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photo coming soon! 🙂

Erin is a medical writer working in the biotech industry and living in the Boston area. She has a PhD in neuroscience and a penchant for prose. On weekends, she volunteers as a service dog trainer, helping pups-in-training overcome their phobias of things like clowns, subways, and hand dryers in public restrooms. She’s into eating paleo (at least most of the time), with an eye towards lower carb choices. Cooking, reading, trying to be outdoorsy, painting, and binge watching shows and documentaries on Netflix make up the balance of her time.



photo & bio coming soon 🙂

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Liz is a New Yorker (or, more accurately, New Yawker) through and through. After getting her masters in education at NYU, she taught  elementary school in the South Bronx for four years. Recently, she moved to the greener pastures of New Jersey, where she continues to teach elementary school. She has a passion for poetry, dirty martinis, creating healthy Italian recipes, YA paranormal romance books, Star Wars, cats, and periodically pretending she’s poolside.

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